Sam In The City

So the plan was for today’s blog post to be about my first week of school butttt I went on an adventure today and I figured that was much more interesting anyway! School can wait…

I have to say that today has been one of my favourite days in Switzerland so far. The sun was shining, the sky was the perfect shade of blue and it was cool but not cold. So, after lunch my host parents Laye and Shif and I went to the Old City of Geneva and took a look around. Amen, unfortunately has a couple of tests tomorrow and had to say home and study 😦 We went to the Saint Pierre Cathedral and Laye and I climbed up…and up and up and up and up to the highest point in the city. You can walk all the way around and get a panoramic view of the city. It was magnificent! Seriously, so incredible. And like I said, it was a perfect day for it, nice and clear so we got a good view of the mountains, the famous water jet, Lac Leman, and all the pretty old buildings.

After the dizzying decent all the way back down the narrow spiral staircase, we kept walking through the old, narrow, cobblestoned streets. We stopped and had “marrons”, roasted chestnuts in a little paper bag and then we got to the Swiss Museum of History and Art. That’s right folks, I got to go to a museum! Most people probably think that’s super lame, but those of you who know me know that I loveeee museums. And it was super cool because it was free to the public, you just walked in and looked around as much or as little as you wanted. One wing was all cool historical artefacts, mostly from Geneva or at least Switzerland. Swords, armour, etc. One area was set up like a 1500th century “château” and I loved that!

The other wing was all Swiss/French artwork which was slightly less interesting for me but still very cool. Especially the stuff by Pablo Picasso because he was the only name I recognized! Not going to lie…his looked like they were drawn by a 4th grader. But you know what, I’m am not by any means an art critic and I still liked it!

So yeah, and then we walked back through the village to the car and drove home for a croissant and a cup of tea . A very lovely day by any standard. Now I’m just relaxing and writing and then tomorrow is back to school…maybe I’ll also write about school tomorrow. Who knows! Until then, enjoy these photos of my wonderful day! I hope everyone else’s Sunday was just as great 🙂 Blessed to be having this wonderful experience with such a great family in such a beautiful country and city!

Ps….only 3 more days of being 16 whoo!

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Hellllo mes amies 🙂

It has  been a very busy week and while I love it here in Switzerland, apparently my sinuses do not andd they have decided it is a good time to get sick! Which sucks but hopefully I’ll be all better in a couple of days. Don’t worry Mom, a cold isn’t gonna kill me 😉

Anyway, this week has been a good one and a nice mix of relaxing and exploring which is good since this is my only week of vacation until I think April? I know we get a few days of at Easter. But this is my “March” Break and next week I start school which I am a little bit nervous for and also a little excited. But then again school is school is school wherever you go in the world. Either way, all part of the exchange experience.

On…I think it was Tuesday? Amen and I went to the United Nation’s Headquarters and took a tour. We did it in English so I could understand it well but the tour guide spoke weirdly and very very quietly so Amen didn’t get much of it unfortunately. Still, it was very interesting especially for me because of what I think I want to do in the future.

Also this week, I went to Zurich for two days, the biggest city in Suisse. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive but I didn’t mind a bit because where we were driving was so beautiful! It was crazy because you’d be driving through a tunnel and all of sudden come out over a valley, looking down not only on the fields and houses and sometimes lakes but also often on the clouds! Honestly the most bizarre but amazing thing! It was so beautiful and it was like you were looking at a model not a real place. Also cool was when the mountain right beside you is all green and fresh and the next one over is covered in snow! As we were driving I was reading Brave New World for English class and one of the characters said something that  loved and bookmarked because it seemed to fit my feelings right at the moment. “Who am I to be living in the visible presence of God?” How eloquent a description is that for a beautiful place? The visible proof of God. I don’t know, I liked it 🙂

Zurich itself was amazing too. So many old buildings and little cobblestone allies to explore and shops to look at. The waterfront had an absolutely incredible view and I took about a billion photos when we were there. The only slight damper on the trip was that I decided to wear shoes that as cute as they are, barely fit and ended up with blisters so bad I couldn’t walk by the end of the day. Oops :$ Thankfully, the next day a nice German pharmacist disinfected it for me and put a patch on it so I could enjoy the rest of my visit!

That reminds me, while I am here to learn French only part of Switzerland is French speaking. Zurich is mainly German and hardly anyone speaks French. In fact, a  couple times I had to help translate because tons of people speak English and would rather speak that than French. It was weirdddd. And I like the sound of German. It makes me laugh because it’s just so different from English or French.

Another awesome thing about Zurich was the cool place we went for dinner. It was a sushi restaurant where you sat and the food went around on this little track and then when you saw something you liked you just picked it up and the prices were coded by plate colour. So neat! I’d never really had sushi like as a meal, just tasted little bits but I loved it! Definitely have to go for sushi when I get home!

So yeah, the second day in Zurich it was raining a lot so we just rode around on the bus for a bit and watched the city go by and then went back to Geneva. That’s when I really started to feel sick, even though I’d had the sniffles for a couple days. So, after grocery shopping in France (totally normal right?)  we just hung out around the house and I slept for a longggg time. Today I’m feeling a bit better so hopefully I’ll be all better tomorrow! Today has just been hanging out reading, relaxing, blog writing, listening to Les Mis en francais and doing homework. I’m going to try reading one of Amen’s old books in French, part of the “La Cabane Magique” series that I used to read when I was younger too! So that’s about it from here. I like hearing about everything going on in Canada too like the GOLD medals, the success of the TSL dodgeball tournament and the snowday! Love all you guys, time to eat!

The announcement of my next adventure!

Well, I have to admit, after only one post I rather forgot I had a blog…oopsies! #badblogger Even worse, the whole point of blogging about Ireland was so that I would remember everything and now I remember things but not in detail. Darn 😦 I guess my memories are the best I have for now. Anywayyys, I do have another adventure coming up in February that I am going to try very hard to keep up with consistently. I will be going and living in Geneva, Switzerland  for three months on a student exchange! Now I was always supposed to be going on exchange (to France) but when my partner Camille came in August it didn’t exactly turn out the best because we found out there were issues in her family that we had not been aware of that prevented me from going to stay with her. Since then, I have been waiting anxiously to find out whether or not I am going. And today it was confirmed that I do have a new partner! Her name is Amen and I will be living with her, her mom Lakech, her dad Shiferaw and her brother Uidus. Their heritage is Ethiopian but they have lived in Switzerland for all of Amen’s life. I am so excited to experience the culture, the food and the language (French) of Switzerland! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start contacting my partner and become friends before I leave… exciting! I promise I will try to keep my blog more updated from now on. Switzerland, here I come!