Get Out

I spend all my time dreaming about being outside. I think about my next hike, next canoe trip, next adventure while sitting inside typing essays, answering questions and reading endless textbook pages. I feel like I never have time to do what I love. How do I make time to breath and get out on the trail?

1) Stop waiting to have enough time. One of the biggest problems I think is that I get so caught up in waiting for a free weekend to plan an overnight that I forget about the green space that is right around the corner. Sure, I may not always be able to head out to a provincial park or be in complete natural isolation but even just an hour hike in the bluffs near my school would be better than nothing. Rather than waiting for the perfect adventure, I think we need to learn to make our own adventure. Next time you have a free minute, don’t sit down and catch up on Netflix. Grab your coat and go explore the outdoors around you.

2) Do it on your own terms. I hate running. Like really, truly hate everything about it. Want to know what I don’t hate? Hiking. I will hike 15 kilometers in a day with 40 pounds on my back no problem. It’s my pace, I get to see more and I enjoy my time in the outdoors that way. Don’t let anyone tell you the right or wrong way to spend time outside. Hate canoeing? Try kayaking! Not into sleeping on the ground? There’s nothing wrong with having an RV! Even if you’d prefer just to sit out in the sun and read a good book, getting out of the house will make you feel so much better. Fresh oxygen and vitamin D!

3) Just do it. Put down your phone. Don’t make excuses. Disconnect for a minute and spend time just being. The reason getting outdoors is so important is that it reminds us that we are part of nature. It reminds us that there is silence and stillness in the world and it shows us the things that were here long before we were and that will remain after we are gone. Yet somehow it isn’t a scary feeling. It is peaceful and beautiful.

Screens and noise and the panic of civilization can rob us of the chance to be still. Get out of the city or at least out the house